Road Idea

Roadmap for radical innovations in European transport services.

Tech blog on GPS news

GPS is used by millions every day. But what wants can this now old technology be used even more. Follow the blog

Startup technology in Malta

The interest of starting up new business in Malta is increasing. Entrepreneur Malta is providing help and network to the next generation of business builders.

European Road Agency

Keeping up the maintenance on a heritage of thousands of year.

Electrical scooters are the future if we want clean cities

Electrical scooters with a mid range driving distance is predicted to be the future for clean cities. E-scooters with no requirement or need for motorcycle license can be a way to solve the issue many cities have today…

” sets of alternative futures scenarios for Europe.”

Roadidea, will create applications which combine weather and traffic data to help road users better plan their route and react to unexpected events like traffic jams or accidents. The first application developed under this project, already available in The Netherlands, allows road users to check the weather at their destination and on the route, as well as traffic and road conditions.

A total of 14 organisations from nine European countries – Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Finland, Italy, Hungary, The Netherlands, Slovenia and Sweden – are partners in the project. The European Commission is providing €3.35 million to the project under the EU’s 7th Framework Programme.

New blockchain based GPS logger for easy audit of transport vehicles

Blockchain technology is much more than bitcoin and cryptocurrency.